Our Mission

The mission and heartbeat of Hope Central is REACH (“Reaching Everyone And Cultivating Harvest”). In the truest sense, REACH is the desire to leave no one behind even as we reach out to others. It is IN REACH, reaching within the congregation to one another; it is OUT REACH, reaching beyond the walls of the church; and, certainly, it is UP REACH, reaching up to God to receive His love, mercy, grace, and character. And we constantly remember that in order to be effective in REACHing In and Out, we must first REACH Up.We must REACH In, Out, and Up. The first letter of each directional reach spells IOU. We are indebted to God for He has brought us this great salvation. God has been good to all of us. Our involvement in REACH is our IOU to God. He paid a debt we can never repay, but we can do what He has called us to do — be the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

Every departmental ministry of Hope Central is involved in in reach, out reach, and up reach. Various functions and activities for all age groups are designed to accomplish each of these tasks. Every worship service seeks to accomplish the mission of REACH, focusing on God, one another, and our guests. Our heartbeat is to REACH.

There is something for everyone at Hope Central. There is a place for you. Check out our various ministries and discover something especially for you.

Join us in proclaiming faith, hope, and love. We are REACHing to you!